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Readability = Productivity.
Get the enterprise writing coach for Microsoft Word & Outlook.

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Why Credosity?

Your writing coach 24×7

Credosity is a virtual writing coach that runs as an add-in within Microsoft Word and Outlook. It’s both a tool and a teacher. It analyses your writing for readability, professionalism and consistency. And it gives you just-in-time tips that make you an excellent communicator. Punchy, easy-to-read communication will do wonders for your organisation’s productivity. 

Real R.O.I.

The US Navy estimated that if all staff (not just officers) read plain-language documents it would save up to $350 million a year. Surprising? Not really: most professionals spend 35-70% of their work week writing, reading and reviewing written work. Finding smart ways to automate the process makes sound business sense. Get everyone on the same page.

Simple, private, secure

All processing is done on your computer, so your documents and emails stay 100% secure and confidential. Credosity is an add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook. You can install and run it instantly. It’s much more than editing software. You won’t need training to use it; it’s simple to use, intuitive and powerful.

High performance

Research shows poor communication kills half of all failed projects. It also found that highly effective communicators are five times more likely to be high performers. Most people have great technical skills for their roles, but often lack the communication skills needed to shift their projects into top gear. How will great communication change your business?  

What’s inside?

Easier to read, easier to lead. 

Quick insights to make your documents and emails easier and faster to read, and more engaging.

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Dashboard view of your errors (& help to fix them).

Credosity gives you a dashboard summary of your errors. Attack the worst bits first and rapidly accelerate your editing process. Get in, get out, fast.

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I am a writer – mostly corporate writing, but I've also written a book. Credosity is amazing. It has really helped me create winning documents.

Corporate writer

A simple and easy-to-follow tool that suggests effective changes. I have a couple of major docs to write in the next couple of weeks (no rest here) – looking forward to using Credosity.

National HR Manager

There’s something compelling about Credosity, particularly in the corporate market. The tool improves my writing and in turn, my ability to communicate.

Director of Strategy, Marketing & Communications

The strength of Credosity is just-in-time, consistent, desktop feedback
as writers proofread and edit their work.

Head of L&D, Oceania

Love it. Supports the 70/20/10 learning approach.
Peer review will be faster.

Change Manager

It helps me structure my thoughts and simplify my writing.
Credosity in the hands of many employees in larger companies
could deliver significant benefits.

Strategy Director

Love it. Easy to install and intuitive. It definitely helped me fine-tune some of the pieces I was working on and made them easier to read!

Communications Advisor, Bank Strategy & Corporate Affairs

I used to ask colleagues to check my important documents and emails before I sent them. But Credosity saves me having to do that. It has empowered me.

IT Enterprise Architect, Major Bank

Get attention. Get action.

Tips and insights to help you connect with busy readers, hook their interest and persuade them. Whether you’re influencing or informing, Credosity will help you drive action in your business.

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Different readers, different structures.

Practical tips you can apply instantly to adapt to different readers (internal and external), structure your messages to make sense, and get fast results.

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You’re judged by your writing. Get a light sentence.

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