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Credosity is a powerful enterprise writing tool
for Microsoft Word & Outlook.

Credosity makes important enterprise writing clear, concise, and easy to action.

Secure and scalable business writing software. Trusted by large enterprise for consistently clear communication.

A simple and easy-to-follow tool that suggests effective changes. I have a couple of major docs to write in the next couple of weeks (no rest here)—looking forward to using Credosity.

National HR Manager

There’s something compelling about Credosity, particularly in the corporate market. The tool improves my writing and in turn, my ability to communicate.

Director of Strategy, Marketing & Communications

The strength of Credosity is just-in-time, consistent, desktop feedback
as writers proofread and edit their work.

Head of L&D, Oceania

Love it. Supports the 70/20/10 learning approach.
Peer review will be faster.

Change Manager

It helps me structure my thoughts and simplify my writing.
Credosity in the hands of many employees in larger companies
could deliver significant benefits.

Strategy Director

Love it. Easy to install and intuitive. It definitely helped me fine-tune some of the pieces I was working on and made them easier to read!

Communications Advisor, Bank Strategy & Corporate Affairs

I used to ask colleagues to check my important documents and emails before I sent them. But Credosity saves me having to do that. It has empowered me.

IT Enterprise Architect, Major Bank

The simplicity, ease and results achieved when using Credosity are substantial.

Content Coordinator, Data#3

Credosity is addictive and useful. It doesn’t just fix your writing; it also teaches you, making you a better writer. And by giving your work an overall score, you have an incentive to improve it every time!

ACT Manager - Project Management, APP

I wouldn't send a document to any client without Credosity checking it first.

Corporate writer

See Credosity at work

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 Why enterprises ♥ Credosity

Measure it. Manage it.

Quality quantified

Credosity’s unique ‘Cred score’ makes a subjective topic (writing) objective. This lets leaders manage it, and motivates writers to boost it.

Insist your people hit a minimum ‘Cred score’ of 90% before important work is sent for review, or to clients.

Visible ROI

Tracking changes in the Cred score – Cred ‘boosts’ – lets you see your team’s writing improve over time.

Monitor usage

Identify your comms ‘stars’. And those who need a little help.

Productivity, not just paragraphs

Get focused

Simple traffic-light dials give you a dashboard view of your problems so you can prioritise what to fix.

And focusing on just one aspect at a time (e.g. passive voice) avoids inefficient ‘task switching’, getting you into ‘flow’ faster.

Get to the point

Goodbye long-windedness! Highlight your main point, and Credosity tells you if it’s early enough in your message.

Get action

Research shows people act on readable messages much faster. Use Credosity to boost your response rates.

Dodge common ‘blind spots’

Snore detector

Find yawn-inducing long sentences and paragraphs so you can cut them down to size.

Waffle detector

Catch over 500 non-plain-English phrases and replace them with simpler alternatives.

Diversity/inclusion detector

Catch unconscious bias before it bites you. Built with Diversity Council Australia, Diversity Partners & Readify.

 Your most overlooked competitive advantage: WRITING

of business-writing managers, directors and supervisors say poor writing wastes a lot of their time.1
of business-writers’ weeks is spent writing.1
of the costs of managing business transactions is caused by poor communication.2

Avoid the huge cost of poor communication

Ditch inefficiency

FedEx saved $400,000 per year by rewriting operations manuals to make finding information 80% faster.

Avoid disaster

‘… a history of miscommunication’ was one of the root causes of the 1986 Challenger disaster.

Save projects

The world’s biggest project-management association, PMI, found poor communication kills half of all failed projects.

Dodge blunders

An oil company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a new pesticide. Then they realised one of their techs had worked it out five years earlier. But his report was written so badly no-one finished reading it.

Save millions

The U.S. Navy found it could save $27 to $37 million a year in officer time with more readable business memos. Officers read the revised memos in 17 to 27% less time.

Keep customers

Computer manufacturer Coleco lost $35 million in a single quarter – and eventually went bust – when customers bought its new Adam computer, couldn’t follow the instruction manuals, and returned their computers.

Rate your company writing

Unbiased, free report (see example)

We’ll run up to 100 of your company documents through our Credosity Bulk Analyser (CYBA) and send you your report (confidentiality assured).

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