Lunch ‘n’ Learn:

The Influential Communicator

Friday 2 March 2018, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT | $49AUD


About your webinar

‘The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.’

Without trust, there’s no influence. Yet many people – and companies – are blind to how they regularly diminish trust in others. And don’t know how to purposefully build it.

This short, interactive session is for anyone in business who needs to build trust and influence others.

We’ll explore the four elements of trust and the link to effective communication in writing, presentations, pitches and meetings.


P.S. Your writing can also kill trust

The webinar is about building trust in general, in all forms of communication.

However, especially consider your writing. Kahneman’s research showed complex communication makes people suspicious, uncomfortable and extra vigilant.

Run some of your writing through Credosity to see if it’s too complex:

You can also download a PDF summary report of the key areas you could improve. Look for your ‘Cred score’. Less than 90% means there’s work to be done!



Your facilitator

Paul Jones (Director, Magneto Communications and co-founder, Credosity) is a corporate communications expert. He’s passionate about the intersection of psychology, behavioural change and communication.

For the past 20 years, Paul’s principles and frameworks have helped blue-chip CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work. His clients include NAB, Westpac, KPMG, BHP and Pfizer. |

About Credosity

Credosity is a just-in-time productivity tool for Microsoft Word and Outlook. It’s a tool and teacher. It analyses your writing to make it more engaging and professional. And it’s brimming with best-practice tips to make you a great communicator.

If you can’t easily install software at work you can try Credosity online here. It’ll give you instant feedback on your written work.

Credosity was born from our background in corporate communications training. We run in-house sessions in Australia and online globally. More about that here.